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Siemens will acquire the business of Gas turbines and compressors, Business Gas rates in the uk

Siemens is acquiring the business of aero-derivative gas turbines and compressors of Rolls-Royce Energy and is thus strengthening its position in the growing industry of oil and gas as well as in the field of decentralized power generation. The purchase price is £785 million approximately €950 million. He is expected to close the transaction before the end of December, 2014, subject to regulatory approvals.

Note that the preceding graph does not consider export out of the Argentine market. The graph shows the trend to grow demand for natural gas in Argentina, which will be the general trend in the continent after integration, which is already a reality in some parts of the continent and a reality in project to others.

Previous picture note the majority of interconnections are in State of study project by what the future development of integration between countries must necessarily attract investments from the private sector on the continent and outside of it.

In the future is predicted that energy interconnections are predominantly gas, as these have less transportation costs better economies of scale. Approximate equivalence of a pipeline with a transmission line is, a gas pipeline of 40 “is about 4 lines of 600 KV DC.

While natural gas interconnections are highly suitable, they require large amounts of investment, and therefore for its operation required contracts for power firm long-term and markets developed in different countries, in order to ensure a true return on investment to the investor.